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"Designs of Folding Ceramic Knives started in 2005 and have been improved and the product line expanded to meet customer’s
feedback and advice. Producing affordable ceramic folding knives and tools to meet real life demands has been
 financially challenging at times but very rewarding when I see my feedback."

<>Explosive Ordinance Disposal
<>Ceramic knives and cutting blades have proven very useful within the EOD Community and a large percentage of my sales are to meet Military and Police requirements. Ceramic blades also have some very specific industrial uses and although customers do not often inform me of their applications, I do know that trimming aerospace composite molded parts does require a ceramic blade. Cutting Kevlar or other very tough fabrics/ropes such as spectra lines is also a common application for these blades.

While all of my ceramic tools have non-conductive blades , there are also some products that are completely non-magnetic . Non magnetic tools really have little application outside that of disarming explosive devices or working with very, very sensitive electronic devices.

Black Ceramic Pocket Knife Blade or White Blade? OK, there some increased hardness in a black ceramic knife blade but in reality the white blade is already so hard that this increase makes very little difference in terms of the ability to retain an edge. The only real reason, in my opinion, to purchase a black ceramic folding pocket knife is one of appearance. It just feels strange using a knife with a white blade that you can almost see through. The black blade on a ceramic pocket knife gives a much more traditional appearance & darn it, just plain looks better! The black blades are however, more expensive to produce, as they have to go through a secondary Hot Isostatic Process where pressure and extremely high temperatures physically change the blade from white to black and increase density & hardness. Keep in mind that increased hardness does also increase brittleness so a white ceramic bladed knife might actually be tougher in some applications as it would be more resistant to chipping.

  I would appreciate feedback (comments) concerning the designs I have created for these ceramic pocket knives. Obviously a niche market but I feel that the ceramic blades are particularly suited for small ceramic pocket knife application. The folding action protects the black ceramic blades from damage and these two sizes of ceramic pocket knives do, in my mind, cover the majority of requirements. The ability to retain sharpness means the ceramic pocket knife will be ready to cut whenever required! YES, you can improve the edge and maintain it using a 600 grit diamond hone and ultra fine silicone carbide wet/dry sanding paper. Please read the SHARPENING page.

Carbon Fibre Ceramic folding Knife

$79.95 Carbon Fibre Ceramic folding Knife 

My first Presentation grade ceramic folding knife.  Solid Carbon Fibre handles, Black ceramic blade with a mirror polished finish and razor sharp deep hollow grind.  Pocket clip, blade locking spring, double sided thumb stud, and all screws and fittings are Titanium Nitride coated stainless steel.  With a 3 ¼” blade the total weight is only 60 grams.  (2 oz).  Even the small ball retainer (holds blade in place when folded) is ceramic to prevent wear.   Manufactured to the highest standards with best materials available and individually hand assembled.  I have concentrated on reasonably priced working world ceramic knives a number of customers have asked for the best available regardless of pricing. I have found that in very extreme salt water and heat that the Ti Coated screws can present surface corrosion. Fresh water is not a problem and rinsing after salt exposure OR light oiling would stop this from happening. The UK and Australian Customs have refused to permit entry of this knife to other than Police / Military Customers!

EOD Knife
$23.95 EOD Knife

Military and Police worldwide have employed this tool for EOD and other tasks, completely non-magnetic, non conductive and impervious to corrosion. Salt water canoeists and sailors love this for permanent attachment to gear. This knive has been improved over time and now has a black ceramic blade, a non-slip grip and an optional nylon belt sheath available ($2.00). The three inch blade handles most tasks, the extreme stilleto point is required by my EOD customers for making small openings into packages.

Tip can be "snapped off" and ground flat if requested for other

$59.95   Pocket Sized Carbon Fiber Knife

Same high quality carbon fiber scales, titanium frame lock, only much easier to carry in pocket for everyday use.

Pocket Sized Carbon Fiber Knife

$39.95 Ceramic Pocket Knife

FP-1 model, I feel this small ceramic folding knife is the highest quality ceramic knife I have had made to date.  Using a back lock and 1 7/8” black ceramic blade with stainless steel handles and brushed finish for an improved grip it compares directly with the Boker titanium folder 112030. Razor sharp!
The titanium handle on the Boker makes it lighter at 25 grams where the FP-1 weighs 38 gms. The only other dimensional difference is the Boker knife is 1mm (1/32”) thinner.  Length opened is 4 ½”, closed it is 2 5/8”. Of course the Boker sells at $129.00 on the internet & lists much higher.

This gentlemen’s pocket knife is meant for everyday use with a matte finished blade and just enough weight to feel solid in your hands.  A nylon pouch is provided but this back lock design and tight fitting blade will prevent any coins from getting lodged beside the ceramic blade.  Very tight lockup of the blade and just large enough to cut down all those cardboard boxes at hand.  I did not incorporate any belt clips or lanyard rings as this is intended for indoor casual use.  I have other ceramic folding knives that are better suited to outdoor activities.

Ceramic Pocket Knife

Hunter's Black Bladed Ceramic Knife
$59.95  Hunter's Black Bladed Ceramic Knife

The latest design which incorporates a number of improvements suggested by customers.  A 2.88" blac ceramic blade in a drop point design and with a new diamond grinding process to give a razor sharp edge without the very obvious hollow grind present on the Rigger's Knife.   The handle is identical to that on the Rigger's knive and gives a good grip while remaining very slim and light.  The thumb stud is reversible, as is the pocket clip which could also be removed if desired.  I really did not like going over the $50 price point BUT put every improvement I could manage into this knife.  For real work or as a collector's piece I hope you appreciate this highly refined folding ceramic knife. 

$49.95 Rigger’s Ceramic Knife

It appears that sailors in particular require a one hand opening knife. A ceramic folding knife has particular appeal due to the need to cut some lines containing “Kevlar” and other really tough materials. This knife design uses a reverse tanto point to reduce the possibility of an accidental deep wound on a tossing vessel. Using a white ceramic blade on this knife serves to keep costs a bit lower AND does satisfy sailor’s penchant for wearing white costumes. This ceramic pocketknife again has a blade length of just under 3” to satisfy most regulations about concealed knives. Folded it measures 3 ¾” and has a handle width of only 3/8”.  Now produced with a pocket clip and two sided thumb stud.

Rigger’s Ceramic Knife

2.75" Ceramic Bladed Pocket Knife

Ceramic Pocket Knife with clip $45.95

This medium sized pocket knife was designed for either with a pocket clip, or dropped inside a pocket. There is a filler block at back of handle to prevent coins or other debris from getting in behind a closed blade. The handle or scales are Micarta /
G10 (very low electrical conductivity), finished with a small fishscale pattern to help prevent slipping when used. Kind of neat that it has a bit of a carbon fiber look as well.

With a blade length, from handle, of 2.75" this ceramic knife would fill most everyday light service requirements. The larger handle size on our Rigger's, Hunters or large Carbon Fiber do provide a more secure grip if required for hunting, sailing or more robust actions.

$35.00 Neck Knife / Corrosion proof

After two or three years of requests I finally have a
small 1 1/2: blade and overall length 5 1/2" Solid Black Ceramic knife with fitted Kydex sheath.

The large hold provides for a "pinch grip" when performing delicate tasks. Extra holes are to permit adding a custom handle or fixing lanyard. Grooves on top and bottom provide extra grip and also assist with wrapping paracord. Razor sharp and completely corrosion proof. Unless heating to over 1,000 degrees in sulpheric acid!

Neck Knife / Corrosion proof

Ultra Compact Folding Ceramic Knife
$15  Ultra Compact Folding Ceramic Knife

1.75" long closed, but only 2.5 grams in weight.   This was made for use in "survival kits" since no rusting is possible.  Chisel shaped edge is extremely sharp and 1.25" blade useful for small trimming jobs.

If used, with blade closed, to scrape a "fire steel rod" the sparking is incredible and very easy to direct where wanted.  Hole in brass rivet makes hanging from a key chain or other kit very easy.

Ceramic Bladed Scissors

Ceramic Bladed Scissors $21.95

At the request of some of my EOD techs I have contracted to have some small reinforced plastic scissors produced with ceramic blade inserts.   These will us 304 stainless steel for the pivot and tightning screw for very low magnetic signature.  Overall length is 5”, maximum width 3 ¼” with 2 ¼” long blades (measured at 90 degrees to each other)  Weight is only one ounce.  These will be marked E.O.D. on the handle but certainly have other uses such as near MRI equipment.  Finger holes are large enough for real working men’s thumbs.

Ceramic Utility Blades "Stanley style" 

These blades will fit all standard utility knives that accept "STANLEY" style blades with two retention grooves.  Super Sharp and extremely long lasting.  Kevlar, fiber optics, fiberglas and other difficult to cut materials handled much better.  Sorry about the costs but these are processed mainly by hand due to the limited market.

1 Ceramic Utility Blade :  $5.00

10 Ceramic Utility Blades : $45.00


Retractable ceramic cutter for delicate EOD work.  Snap off blade
segments to ensure optimum sharpness.  NO METAL COMPONENTS.  Non conductive and non-magnetic tool.  Special production completed to meet military requirement but should prove useful in a number of applications!

$50 for package of 5 replacement ceramic blades


YES you can bring back an edge even if you have some chips. Not nearly as easy as you can a steel blade BUT this 600 grit diamond encrusted steel credit card sharpener does give you a reasonable working edge. See “SHARPENING page.

Diamond Hone

Titanium pocket hanger
Titanium pocket hanger $20.00 

Really just a pure Titanium Money Clip with a 5mm hole milled into the end.  BUT with the addition of a SS split ring this permits you to "HANG" keys, knives, flashlight etc. inside your pocket WITHOUT wearing a hole in the bottom.  I have been using a prototype now for about a month and it is surprisingly comfortable.  I can carry a much larger every day load than possible without this pocket clip hanger.  One benefit when using with a knife is that unlike the Spring clip on my Hunter's ceramic bladed knife, the knife is not visible at all.  We all know how touchy many people get when they see even a small pocket knife in a business setting.
Production is expected to be completed this month so hopefully they will be in the first week of December!!!

Ceramic Xacto Scalpel Blades $5.00

These small blades are for delicate work where a non-conductive
and non- magnetic cutting tool may be required.

These will fit any common xacto knife handle. 

Will not contaminate biological samples the way a steel blade will.

Ceramic Xacto Blade

$10.00  Escape and Evasion Blade.

Not for everyday use by any means but these little chisel edged blades are only 1" long and 3/8" high. The chisel or Japanese edge is as close to a razor blade as you can get.  Sharper than ones your wife uses I suspect.  Survival kit type of tool, I would not want to skin a moose or even a rabbit with this BUT if it was all I had I guess I would try damned hard.  Interesting comment that back of this little tool makes a great striker for a fire rod,  better sparks than with a piece of steel.  Probably as it is that much harder.

Escape and Evasion Blade

ENGRAVING OF BLADES with a laser has been done for some special orders but setup and extra
 work requires a minimum of 25 knives. Contact me if this service would be useful to your business.
Before you ask, no engraving is possible on the knife handles.

Re-seller pricing is available on request”. Some details on your company required.

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